Automation is the Future

Welcome to the age of data driven financial advisory. We're changing the way India invests. Become a part of the algorithmic disruption.



Sensum’s web based tool built to streamline strategy development and backtesting.

If you’re a trader with market experience or a student with interest in math and stats, this platform is for you. What’s more, you don’t even have to write a single line of code!

Analyse Data

Work with diverse financial and alternative datasets. From minute level price-volume to fundamental data, we have it all.

Backtest Strategy

Write your algorithms in our english-like expression language and test their profitability over 10 years worth of data for free!


Once your algorithm passes our risk assessment tests, we connect it to investor money and offer lucrative revenue sharing deals with no cap on your earning potential.


A marketplace of algorithmic trading strategies built by India’s top quants.

Through this platform, we’ve made access to quantitative investment advisory as easy as perhaps buying a gadget or an apparel online

Select Strategy

With extensive backtest results and economic rationale of each strategy at your disposal, choose from an array of diverse strategies.

Choose Broker

Algokart is integrated into India’s leading brokerage platforms, choose the one that suits you. Different strategies can be executed from different brokers.

Algotrade on the go!

Receive trade alerts, auto executable buttons for strategies you subscribe to. We also provide live stats like PNL reports, hit rates etc.


A robust core team

We’re a small team of determined people who’ve taken upon themselves to bring algorithmic trading to retail investors.

At Sensum, we turn ideas into reality. If you share our passion for the capital markets and aim to create an impact. Come join us in our journey towards market efficiency.

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